Honda Fit GE8 AC Delete

The Ac Compressor died in our GE8 Fit. I needed a quick fix because it was my main car at this point and the compressor was locked up. After searching google I was not able to come up with a belt number that would delete the compressor so I could drive the car while I wait for my special order compressor to arrive.

By the way, why is every damn part special order for a Honda fit?

So after trying a few different belts I found that part number 5050340 worked the best for deleting the ac compressor.

Click Here to go to the Belt.

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It has been a long time since we have taken advantage of our blog and actually posted something note worthy. Well today is the day we start to change all that. We had the opportunity to work with Zosh, A local Honda enthusiast to our area and YouTube Content creater who puts out a lot of great content working with friends and Honda’s. We offered up our B-Series fuel line tuck kit for a honest review to be installed on his dc2 Integra with a B20Vtec and Zosh was more than happy to give it a go. What we got was more like a install guide but it was up to him what he wanted to do with it. We have attached the Vlog for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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Grip Royal **Royal Grain** Back In Stock

We just received a shipment today of back order Grip Royal Royal Grain Steering Wheels.

These wheels are very hard to get and we have a very limited quantity of them so if you have been looking for one I wouldn’t wait around.

They are listed on Ebay again and have been made available direct from our website. Website is cheaper as always if you looking to save some bucks.


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Grip Royal Steering Wheels Back In Stock @

Hey Everyone,

We just got our Holiday shipment in from Grip Royal so we have those hard to get wheels in stock ready to ship.

We also got some new additions to the line up we wanted to share. Little more of a custom wheel.

Arctic Camo

Grip Royal Camo Arctic Steering Wheel

Grip Royal Camo Arctic Steering Wheel

Desert Camo

Grip Royal Camo Desert Steering Wheel

Grip Royal Camo Desert Steering Wheel


These are up and available on the website Supplies are limited to so get yours while we have them. Otherwise its back to the 8 week wait time. Adding Ford Focus ST to lineup

Here at we are always anticipating the new release of tuner based cars with hopes that the aftermarket will see fit to create parts for these new platforms. Some cars are just guaranteed to get support like the new GT86 Scion FRS /BRZ but others we just have to wait and see what happens. This was the case with the Ford Focus ST. When the focus was released we watched to see if anyone would pickup the platform and run with it. Well it looks as if Cobb Tuning was up for the challenge and we feel that many other companies will soon see the potential of this platform along with ST owners and start to push the potential.

focus st

With that said we have decided to add the Focus ST to our product lineup. Currently offering the full Cobb Tuning Performance packages and we will start to add other products as they become available. We are excited to see what tuners are going to accomplish with the ST and we are happy to be a part of it.