Honda Fit Rocking the Logo

Snagged some pics of the Honda Fit. Still the nicest fit I know of to date.

I think the world is ready for a 8sec SFWD Fit.

Mean looking Honda Fit

Mean looking Fit

Honda Fit Stance

Honda Fit Stance

Rocking the JBtuned Decal

Rocking the JBtuned Decal

photo 5

This things needs a fire breathing K20 in it. Wide body front clip on the fit? Anyone?


Badass S2K

This is a personal friends car that has been in the works for some time.  JBtuned just supplied a set of MandH front runners and we still have to order a few other parts and it will finally be track ready. Going for the f22c stock block HP record and wheelies at the track of course. 1320 better get their camera ready for this s2. s2000

green s2000

AR Performance s2000

photo 1

Special Shout Out to Casper@ARPerformance and Jamaica@RawPowered

This is going to be one badass ride when its done.