• Buddy Club 02 Simulator: Information You Want To Know Before You Buy
    First thing you want to know is this is not a simulator. It is a converter. You are still going to need your original narrow band 02 sensor installed in the exhaust and you are going to need to tap into that sensors wiring. Calling it a simulator is very misleading, to me anyway. The… Continue Reading →
  • Maximizing Performance and Reliability: The Benefits of Ethanol Content “Flex Fuel” Sensors for E85 Race Cars
    Introduction: In recent years, more and more racers have been switching to high ethanol content fuels such as E85 due to its high octane rating, cooler intake charge temperatures, and lower cost. However, running a high ethanol content fuel requires some additional considerations, one of which is monitoring the ethanol content in the fuel. In… Continue Reading →
  • Upgrade Your 8th Gen Civic Si Fuel System with JBtuned: A Complete Fuel System Replacement for Maximum Performance with All Fuel Types”
    The JBtuned FA5 FG2 FD2 8th Gen Civic Si Fuel System is a complete fuel system upgrade designed to replace the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fuel system. It’s engineered to operate efficiently with all fuel types, including E85 and other flex fuels.
  • Increase Fuel Flow by 30% for your EG EK Civic DC2 Integra by modifying your OEM Fuel Pump Hanger
    Looking to get more fuel out of your current fuel system? Recently upgraded to a Walbro 450, Deatcchwerks 400 or any number of the AEM, Aeromotive etc. 300 series fuel pumps out there on the market? Want to switch to AN Fuel lines? How about increasing your overall fuel flow efficiency by up to 30%…. Continue Reading →
  • Honda Fit GE8 AC Delete
    The Ac Compressor died in our GE8 Fit. I needed a quick fix because it was my main car at this point and the compressor was locked up. After searching google I was not able to come up with a belt number that would delete the compressor so I could drive the car while I… Continue Reading →
    It has been a long time since we have taken advantage of our blog and actually posted something note worthy. Well today is the day we start to change all that. We had the opportunity to work with Zosh, A local Honda enthusiast to our area and YouTube Content creater who puts out a lot… Continue Reading →
  • News Update…..
    So we have been hard at work to correct the bad shipping quote system that was giving “we do not ship to your address” messages to you when trying to purchase direct from our site. We still have a lot of work to go but some good has come of this. We have taken the… Continue Reading →
  • Honda B-Series Block Port and Plug Conversion Options
    Honda B-Series Block port and Plug Conversion Options Looking to add a breather/oil catch can to your b-series block. We have a few options available to suite whatever your need. B-Series Block Port Fittings screw  These fittings screw into the back of the b-series block allowing you to hook up a catch can. Note: The… Continue Reading →
  • Showing some AE86 Love
    Came across this video on vimeo. As an eight six fan It is always cool to see a well maintained / restored 86. This video is done very well in such high quality I decided to follow the creator BOWLS. They have some really amazing looking videos, all high quality. I caught myself sitting here… Continue Reading →
  • Do you love the SFWD class?
    Hey, Drag Race fans.. Do you love the SFWD racing class? We do, and we love to talk about it. Got a google + account? You do if you have a gmail account or any other account with google for that matter. Sport Front Wheel Drive class ( SFWD ) Community on google + Join us… Continue Reading →
  • SPL Parts GT86 FR-S BRZ Suspension @
    Hello Everyone, So the long anticipated SPL Parts product release wait is finally over for all the Scion FR-s Subaru BRZ GT86 owners. SPL Parts now offers a full line of suspension products to help bring your GT86 into full racing spec. Check the Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ GT86 Section of our site for these… Continue Reading →
  • JBtuned – Ebay Power Seller
    We are going to give ourselves a little pat on the back here as we just got an email from Ebay telling us how super fantastic we our and we just achieved power seller status. Not sure what power seller status means for us but were going to look into it. Regardless of what Ebay… Continue Reading →
    We just launched our new Google + page and will be spending alot of time deicated to adding great content. If you have a google + account please +1 us. We have lots of great upcoming blog posts in the works, some performance and some not. We are going to be releasing a how… Continue Reading →
  • Clean RX-7
    Always love a clean looking RX-7
  • Forged VS Billet – The facts behind the hype
    This article was taken Directly from ‘s website and is unedited in any way. It helps to address a big misconception about the quality difference between Metals and help to get some truth from the internet hype. **Knowledge saves money** A BIG misconception is that Billet means ‘unbreakable and the best you can get’. This is simply… Continue Reading →
  • Streched tires
    How to stretch a tire. Doing work.
  • Honda Fit Rocking the Logo
    Snagged some pics of the Honda Fit. Still the nicest fit I know of to date. I think the world is ready for a 8sec SFWD Fit. This things needs a fire breathing K20 in it. Wide body front clip on the fit? Anyone?
  • Badass S2K
    This is a personal friends car that has been in the works for some time.  JBtuned just supplied a set of MandH front runners and we still have to order a few other parts and it will finally be track ready. Going for the f22c stock block HP record and wheelies at the track of course…. Continue Reading →
  • Bosch 044 inlet and outlet fittings for AN Conversion ‘s Bosch 044 Inlet / Outlet Fittings The Bosch 044 fuel pump has a female metric inlet and a metric outlet. With our fittings you can convert them from metric to AN. The Inlet fitting comes with the copper sealing washer. The Outlet fitting uses the sealing washer supplied with the Bosch 044 fuel… Continue Reading →
  • Dual Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Surge Tank
    New to is our Bosch 044 Dual Pump Surge Tank. Bosch 044 Dual Fuel Pump Surge Tank This is our Brand New Surge Tank for use with twin Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps This surge tank setup has been designed to offer the following benefits over other alternative ways to setup fueling on your high horsepower setup…. Continue Reading →
  • Car humor
    I came across this on a local forum. The performance products that everyone needs.
  • SPL Parts Suspension Comparison It did not take more than one night  on our local skid pad with our S14 to realize we need to make some big improvements if i actually wanted to keep this car on the pad. (Our s14 is a bullet at best) The upgrades came in the way of a lot of power… Continue Reading →
  • JBtuned now offering *Still Hood* shift knobs
    Still Hood We are proud to announce that we just received our first shipment of Still Hood weighted shift knobs. These knob’s are very attention grabbing and work great in the JBtuned Drift 240sx. The specs on these knobs are: Cut from aluminum. Weight = 11oz (.69lb). Recessed threads for a lower-profile fit over the… Continue Reading →
  • New in Town
    Hello everyone. Welcome to my Tuner Blog. This is JB and I am working on getting this WordPress all setup and linked up to our page under Tuner Blog.  This will be a big work in progress for me but I hope I can share a lot of good content in the near future.  The idea is… Continue Reading →

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