Increase Fuel Flow by 30% for your EG EK Civic DC2 Integra by modifying your OEM Fuel Pump Hanger

Looking to get more fuel out of your current fuel system? Recently upgraded to a Walbro 450, Deatcchwerks 400 or any number of the AEM, Aeromotive etc. 300 series fuel pumps out there on the market? Want to switch to AN Fuel lines? How about increasing your overall fuel flow efficiency by up to 30%.

More air and fuel means more power after all.


We recently released our JBtuned OEM Hanger Modification Kit. This kit is a very cost effective solution for anyone who has been looking to get every last drop of fuel from a single in tank fuel pump such as the Walbro 450.

Fuel pump technology has majorly improved over the years with new pumps claiming numbers up to 700hp using a single in tank pump setup. This really is a huge benefit for the enthusiast who is not looking to sump a tank, run an aftermarket tank or doesn’t want the headache for building a surge tank setup. Clean, simple, drop it in and boom you have the fuel you need.

With these more powerful pumps comes new problems.

The Problem we are fixing

The OEM Civic, Integra, etc. Fuel pump Hanger is the most restrictive part of the fuel system and its the part no one seems to upgrade or they do it in such a way to hurt performance.

There is no point increasing your fuel lines to a larger size just to bottleneck the system by using OEM size feed and returns coming through the OEM Top Hat. Increasing the size of these passages is a must if you truly want to see the gains of all those fuel performance parts you purchased not to mention increase the life expectancy of your fuel pump.

Before we get started I have listed all the cars this kit will work for.

Application List:

  • Ef Civic
  • CRX
  • EG Civic
  • EK Civic
  • DA Integra
  • DC Integra
  • Delsol
  • Prelude


Running something like a 450 on your OEM wires is a sure way to start a fire. When a pump can pull over 20 amps you really will need to run upgraded wiring and relay. When using Tefzel wire I personally use 14-12 AWG on my Honda setups.

So the question becomes. How do you get the wiring into the tank safely without leaks, vapors, and permanently attaching them in.

We use a special bulkhead wire fitting for the job. This fitting allows you to run your wires into/out of the hanger and provides a solid seal around the wires. No epoxy needed.

Feed Line

This is where the major improvement in fuel flow comes in. Your factory feed line was never designed to support the horsepower numbers that current forced induction and high compression naturally aspirated engines are producing these days.

All too often I see tuners adapting the OEM hanger inlet and outlets to 6an 8an and even 10an fuel lines. These are usually run from the top hat to the fuel rail and back. This is a huge problem as you are leaving the most restrictive part of your fuel system, the OEM hanger to massively restrict your flow.

What our kit does to fix this issue is replace the feed outlet section with a fitting properly sized for each fuel pump and adapts it to 6an or 8an hose.

Example. The outlet of a Walbro 450 is 3/4. Or feed fitting come with a 3/4 Barb end for the in tank portion and either 6an or 8an for the outside of the hanger.

This removes any restrictions and removes excess stress on your fuel pump itself.

The actual feed line:

The actual feed line used is convoluted submersible PTFE Tube that was specifically chosen for its ability to handle corrosive ethanol based fuels, maintain strength and flexibility. We mold our tubing to match the exact outlet size of the fuel pump your using. This removes restriction starting inside the gas tank and continues through the hanger into your AN Lines.

Clarifying an earlier statement:

Earlier in this article I said that alot of people upgrade there hanger wrong. Let me explain.

For the longest time when I have seen someone trying to modify there OEM hanger they all to often realize that standard AN fittings will not allow the OEM tank cover to be used. This usually results in the use of a hard cut 90 degree bulkhead to keep the height down. This is the problem. You should never if possible force a fluid to make an immediate or harsh turn. By doing this you are creating cavitation in the fuel system and while you might increase flow you are still hurting yourself and not getting maximum performance our of your system.

Cavitation if you don’t know is the enemy here.

Here is a great video done by injector dynamics of the topic if you would like to learn more

Return Line

The return line uses your old factory feed line as a return line. We supply a quick connect fitting to 6an adapter to make install as simple as possible. There is not really alot to say here other than it works and it works well.


e85 / Ethanol Proof

Another advantage of running our hanger setup is the resistances to e85. Everything included in our kits is made from the highest grade materials such as PTFE and stainless steel to prevent corrosion and decay of parts from extended exposure to Ethanol based fuels.


Top Hat / Tank Cover Modification

Real estate on the OEM Hanger is very limited. You will find that the Pump hanger will have to be modified by drilling and cutting sections of the metal off to make room for the larger fittings. Some hangers such as the Eg Ef civics require more work than the dc Integra or Ek civic.

As much as we tried, there is no way to upgrade your hanger setup without the modification of your tank cover. Here is an example of how you can modify the cover.

Hanger Mod Kit


Our JBtuned hanger Mod kit is the easiest, cost effective and complete way to modify your OEM hanger to really take advantage of your single fuel pump.

Here is the Direct Link if your interested in purchasing our kit.

JBtuned OEM Hanger Modification Kit

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