Honda Fit GE8 AC Delete

The Ac Compressor died in our GE8 Fit. I needed a quick fix because it was my main car at this point and the compressor was locked up. After searching google I was not able to come up with a belt number that would delete the compressor so I could drive the car while I wait for my special order compressor to arrive.

By the way, why is every damn part special order for a Honda fit?

So after trying a few different belts I found that part number 5050340 worked the best for deleting the ac compressor.

Click Here to go to the Belt.

Your Welcome

Grip Royal **Royal Grain** Back In Stock

We just received a shipment today of back order Grip Royal Royal Grain Steering Wheels.

These wheels are very hard to get and we have a very limited quantity of them so if you have been looking for one I wouldn’t wait around.

They are listed on Ebay again and have been made available direct from our website. Website is cheaper as always if you looking to save some bucks.


Thanks for looking




Showing some AE86 Love

Came across this video on vimeo. As an eight six fan It is always cool to see a well maintained / restored 86. This video is done very well in such high quality I decided to follow the creator BOWLS. They have some really amazing looking videos, all high quality. I caught myself sitting here watching one after the other. I got sucked in and there goes an hour!!!!  Owell. Check out their stuff, its great content.


Do you love the SFWD class?

Hey, Drag Race fans.. Do you love the SFWD racing class?

We do, and we love to talk about it. Got a google + account? You do if you have a gmail account or any other account with google for that matter.

Sport Front Wheel Drive class ( SFWD ) Community on google + Join us


Photo of: Chris Miller Racing

SPL Parts GT86 FR-S BRZ Suspension @

Hello Everyone,

So the long anticipated SPL Parts product release wait is finally over for all the Scion FR-s Subaru BRZ GT86 owners. SPL Parts now offers a full line of suspension products to help bring your GT86 into full racing spec. Check the Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ GT86 Section of our site for these updated parts.

SPL Parts GT86 SPL PRO Rear End Links

SPL Parts GT86 SPL PRO Rear End Links

SPL Parts GT86 Rear Lower Control Arms

SPL Parts GT86 SPL TITANIUM Rear Lower Control Arms

SPL Parts GT86 Rear Toe Arm

SPL Parts GT86 SPL Titanium Rear Traction Arm SPL RTR FRS

SPL Parts GT86 Rear Toe Arms

SPL Parts GT86 Rear Toe Arm SPL RTA FRS

GT86 SUB Frame with all SPL Products installed

GT86 SUB Frame with all SPL Products installed

The last image of the full subframe just looks amazing. As always you can never go wrong with SPL Quality and as always all these products ship free from