Upgrade Your 8th Gen Civic Si Fuel System with JBtuned: A Complete Fuel System Replacement for Maximum Performance with All Fuel Types”

The JBtuned FA5 FG2 FD2 8th Gen Civic Si Fuel System is a complete fuel system upgrade designed to replace the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fuel system. It’s engineered to operate efficiently with all fuel types, including E85 and other flex fuels. The fuel line is made of high-quality PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) hose, which can withstand severe conditions and maintain optimal performance. The system includes the option of E85Freaks’ 6-micron inline fuel filter that effectively removes contaminants and impurities from the fuel, protecting the engine and maximizing performance gains.

The fuel system’s addition of a return line is a critical component for the 8th Gen Civic, enabling the use of an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator that regulates fuel pressure and ensures a steady supply of fuel even during high-speed driving or heavy acceleration. The fuel system is suitable for both naturally aspirated and forced induction setups, making it a necessary solution for any 8th gen Civic build.

At JBtuned, we realize that each driver and vehicle are unique, and fuel system needs vary based on the parts and modifications installed or planned. As a result, we create each fuel system to order based on the specifications chosen on the 8th Gen Civics Fuel System product page. Customers may choose from a variety of options, including the fuel rail, regulator, fuel type, and other components, ensuring that the system is tailored to their vehicle and driving style. This level of customization guarantees optimal performance gains and ensures that the fuel system operates at its best. Our fuel systems are crafted with only the highest quality materials and construction techniques, ensuring reliability, durability, and long-lasting performance.

The JBtuned 8th Gen Civic Si Fuel System provides an overview of line placement, with each bagged line labeled for easy identification, simplifying the installation process. While detailed instructions are not provided, we offer numerous install images in the product page for reference. It is recommended that a qualified performance tuning shop install our fuel systems, particularly if you are unsure about the installation process or fuel system design. If you have any questions about the fuel system or need additional clarification on the drop-down menus, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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