Buddy Club 02 Simulator: Information You Want To Know Before You Buy

First thing you want to know is this is not a simulator. It is a converter. You are still going to need your original narrow band 02 sensor installed in the exhaust and you are going to need to tap into that sensors wiring. Calling it a simulator is very misleading, to me anyway.

The packaging and description online about this is very limited. The only Company I could find selling it at the time actually charged more money to ship it then the product cost. (it could have fit in a small flat rate box but apparently they, even after I emailed them, don’t care.

Below is an image of the wiring for anyone that wants to see it. I wired it to a connector so you can ignore my writing on it.

I was searching the market for 02 simulators because of the J32 swap in the EK. Its temporarily running OEM ecu and I just wanted to get the CEL off. I also didn’t want to run a narrow band 02 because I already have a wide band in the car and well, race car. I decided to give it a go because it was geared for Honda’s and I generally have a good opinion about Buddyclub products.

It does work. However its not a simulator. I expected a back box that would completely eliminate the need for a narrow band 02 sensor. I had to waste some money on the extra 02 and wiring to get this all together. Again, not a major issue but not what I was expecting and just added cost to a temp solution..

Hope this helps you.



Buddy Club Lambda Sensor Simulator.

Integra Civic Delsol Prelude k20 k24 j32 j30 j35 lambda 02 simulator b18 b20 b16 ek9 dc2 dc4 accord

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