Honda B-Series Block Port and Plug Conversion Options

Honda B-Series Block port and Plug Conversion Options

Looking to add a breather/oil catch can to your b-series block. We have a few options available to suite whatever your need.

B-Series Block Port Fittings screw 

b series block port fittings

b series block port fittings

These fittings screw into the back of the b-series block allowing you to hook up a catch can.

Note: The early b18a blocks 1990-1992 only have 1 block port fitting location. Please check your block before ordering.

Here is a B Series Block with some of the available ports to utilize these fittings.

b series block plug adapter

b series block plug adapter

B-Series -10AN Block Plug Adapter 

b series 10AN block plug adapter

b series 10AN block plug adapter

These fittings will work for any b-series motor which has the black box on the back of the block. It just gives you another port to hook up a catch can. This fitting will come in real handy to those who only want to use one port on the back of the block. You don’t have to take off the stock 28mm plug on the back of the block, which can be tough if the motor is still in the car.

Note: B20 blocks don’t have this port.

block plug adapter on B-series motor

The B/D Series Front Block Port Adapter


These fittings are made from billet steel. It features a 28mm to AN 6 that fits the front of your b-series and d-series engines and allows you to run AN fittings an line for coolant to your turbo.

Just remove the stock plug and replace with this adapter which converts the port to a AN 6 coolant feed for your turbo.


Badass S2K

This is a personal friends car that has been in the works for some time.  JBtuned just supplied a set of MandH front runners and we still have to order a few other parts and it will finally be track ready. Going for the f22c stock block HP record and wheelies at the track of course. 1320 better get their camera ready for this s2. s2000

green s2000

AR Performance s2000

photo 1

Special Shout Out to [email protected] and [email protected]

This is going to be one badass ride when its done.