Still Hood Shift Knobs Back In Stock

As the title says, We have all the Still Hood shift knobs back in stock at<—- Link takes you direct to the knobs.

Still Hood Shift Knobs

Still Hood Shift Knobs @

These sold out fast last time and for those that missed out. We got you covered!!!

Also Still Hood has released a couple new Colors. Black and Red. They are going to be sending me the images tomorrow to host on the site but the knobs are already in the mail. Should be good stuff.


JBtuned now offering *Still Hood* shift knobs

Still Hood

We are proud to announce that we just received our first shipment of Still Hood weighted shift knobs.

These knob’s are very attention grabbing and work great in the JBtuned Drift 240sx. The specs on these knobs are:

Cut from aluminum. Weight = 11oz (.69lb). Recessed threads for a lower-profile fit over the shifter. Made in USA by import enthusiasts. Ceracoated finish – commonly found on firearms. Available in Frost White or Prison Pink and some have Zombie Green and Teal with more color options in the works

Available thread pitches:
10×1.25 (Nissan/Hyundai/Mitsubishi/Mazda)
10×1.5 (Honda/Acura)
12×1.25 (Toyota/Scion/Subaru)