Grip Royal Steering Wheels Back In Stock @

Hey Everyone,

We just got our Holiday shipment in from Grip Royal so we have those hard to get wheels in stock ready to ship.

We also got some new additions to the line up we wanted to share. Little more of a custom wheel.

Arctic Camo

Grip Royal Camo Arctic Steering Wheel

Grip Royal Camo Arctic Steering Wheel

Desert Camo

Grip Royal Camo Desert Steering Wheel

Grip Royal Camo Desert Steering Wheel


These are up and available on the website Supplies are limited to so get yours while we have them. Otherwise its back to the 8 week wait time.


Team MFactory Now @

Here at we are always looking to add a qualiy brand to our lineup of products that we offer to our customers.  We are excitied to announce that is now offering the full line of TeamMFactory Products. We believe that Mfactory makes some of the best drivetrain products on the market and have proven themselves over and over again in the Honda world. Mfactory offers a lot of  different options for honda’s from all out dog box straight cut gears Helical Limited slips, to magnetic drain bolts.  (We have run the drain bolts in all our vehicles even the daily drivers for years). but they do not stop there. They are covering a wide variety of cars with different options outside the Honda world.

Here is TeamMFactorys Falken tires Sponsor Nissan 240SX S14 Drift Car In Europe tearing it up.

This S14 is running the MFactory 2.0 Metal Plated Limited Slip

Mfactory Nissan 240sx 2.0 way Limited Slip at worl

MFactory sponsored S14 using their 2.0 Metal Plated LSD

Badass S2K

This is a personal friends car that has been in the works for some time.  JBtuned just supplied a set of MandH front runners and we still have to order a few other parts and it will finally be track ready. Going for the f22c stock block HP record and wheelies at the track of course. 1320 better get their camera ready for this s2. s2000

green s2000

AR Performance s2000

photo 1

Special Shout Out to Casper@ARPerformance and Jamaica@RawPowered

This is going to be one badass ride when its done.