Honda Fit GE8 AC Delete

The Ac Compressor died in our GE8 Fit. I needed a quick fix because it was my main car at this point and the compressor was locked up. After searching google I was not able to come up with a belt number that would delete the compressor so I could drive the car while I wait for my special order compressor to arrive.

By the way, why is every damn part special order for a Honda fit?

So after trying a few different belts I found that part number 5050340 worked the best for deleting the ac compressor.

Click Here to go to the Belt.

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Honda Fit Rocking the Logo

Snagged some pics of the Honda Fit. Still the nicest fit I know of to date.

I think the world is ready for a 8sec SFWD Fit.

Mean looking Honda Fit

Mean looking Fit

Honda Fit Stance

Honda Fit Stance

Rocking the JBtuned Decal

Rocking the JBtuned Decal

photo 5

This things needs a fire breathing K20 in it. Wide body front clip on the fit? Anyone?