We do not ship to your address… Site Error

Recently , it was brought to our attention by one of our customers that on www.jbtuned.com an error is occurring  while calculating shipping during checkout and in cart view for shipping estimates.  The error would result in telling customers that shipping is not available to the current address.  This is a MAJOR ERROR on the back end of our site as we do ship world wide.  The error stems from a missing set of shipping attributes on some products that will not allow the shipping carrier to give an accurate shipping quote and displays this message instead. Actions are being taken to fix this error on each and every product and we apologies for any trouble this has caused. 

If you receive this message when purchasing, please email TechSupport@JBtuned.com so that we may correct this issue for that product right away. 

Thank you for your business and know we are hard at work fixing this problem.

Thank you,




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