Grip Royal **Royal Grain** Back In Stock

We just received a shipment today of back order Grip Royal Royal Grain Steering Wheels.

These wheels are very hard to get and we have a very limited quantity of them so if you have been looking for one I wouldn’t wait around.

They are listed on Ebay again and have been made available direct from our website. Website is cheaper as always if you looking to save some bucks.


Thanks for looking





News Update…..

So we have been hard at work to correct the bad shipping quote system that was giving “we do not ship to your address” messages to you when trying to purchase direct from our site. We still have a lot of work to go but some good has come of this. We have taken the time to add another shipping option for smaller items such as fittings, fitting kits, mac solenoids and really anything that is under 13 ounces.

We are now offering USPS first class mail for smaller items to help save on shipping costs. Check it out. Get a quote. Let us know if you find any problems.

We do not ship to your address… Site Error

Recently , it was brought to our attention by one of our customers that on an error is occurring  while calculating shipping during checkout and in cart view for shipping estimates.  The error would result in telling customers that shipping is not available to the current address.  This is a MAJOR ERROR on the back end of our site as we do ship world wide.  The error stems from a missing set of shipping attributes on some products that will not allow the shipping carrier to give an accurate shipping quote and displays this message instead. Actions are being taken to fix this error on each and every product and we apologies for any trouble this has caused. 

If you receive this message when purchasing, please email so that we may correct this issue for that product right away. 

Thank you for your business and know we are hard at work fixing this problem.

Thank you,

JB gets some Professional Design Help.

When starting a business it’s no surprise that money is tight. One hopes that they are making the right decision about what to spend time and money on. For we knew that branding was a big deal and that having a logo and marketing that we were proud to stand behind was very important. The problem was that when faced with the decision between purchasing inventory or having professional marketing done, inventory always wins.

Once we reached a point where we decided the basic font logo was no longer cutting it for us, we started the hunt. I can’t tell you how many designers I contacted and portfolios I looked through. It was endless and worst of all, I kept feeling like I was settling for something. Nothing ever stood out and just grab my attention or gave me the “Thats it!!!” moment. Months went by and honestly, I gave up. I started looking into how to improve the print quality of our current logo for some thank you flyers we were adding into our Ebay shipments and I stumbled upon a portfolio of work. The “Thats it” finally happened. I had to go through a few different sites to find contact information but I finally sent off the email.

I was always nervous about hiring someone to do work for JBtuned. How could someone possibly capture what we are and what we do? Especially if they are not into what we do. I got the email back and decided to go for it. After All, I tune cars, I don’t really know anything about design. I gave some input for design intent/hopes of what I wanted the logo to do/mean and finished the email with “I like red”

The man on the other end of the email was Dalibor Momchilovic. I really cannot speak enough about how great he made this experience for us. We got so much more than what we paid for and the guy nailed it the first time. No edits needed. Additionally, The whole process was so painless and exciting. He emailed me after the initial deposit to let me know that everything was ok and we would start working right away. Overall it took a little less than a week for the whole experience. We have since contacted him to continue creating fantastic work for us in the way of business cards, banners, etc.

I have added his contact information below the design if anyone if interested in having work done. Hope you like it has much as I have.

Thanks for reading


Tune, Race, Wash, Repeat Logo Design Logo Design by Dalibass