New Still Hood Shift Knobs *New Colors*

As promised by my post yesterday I have gotten the images for the new Still Hood Shift Knobs. The new Colors are Red, Matte Black, Safety Orange, Desert Tan, Olive Drab Green.

Now the Red is powder-coated and the Matte Black and Peace Keepers are Matte ceracoated finish. The Red and Black come in the 1234FIF, 12345BYE, and Star Bomb Options while the Peace Keepers have nothing on the top.  They all have the same thread patterns for Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, etc.. Enjoy!


Check Out for all the Still Hood Shift Knobs


Still Hood Shift Knobs Back In Stock

As the title says, We have all the Still Hood shift knobs back in stock at<—- Link takes you direct to the knobs.

Still Hood Shift Knobs

Still Hood Shift Knobs @

These sold out fast last time and for those that missed out. We got you covered!!!

Also Still Hood has released a couple new Colors. Black and Red. They are going to be sending me the images tomorrow to host on the site but the knobs are already in the mail. Should be good stuff.