SPL Parts Suspension Comparison


It did not take more than one night  on our local skid pad with our S14 to realize we need to make some big improvements if i actually wanted to keep this car on the pad. (Our s14 is a bullet at best) The upgrades came in the way of a lot of power steering replacement parts. We ordered a new rack and I did not want to just toss in factory tie rods as I am looking for some much-needed steering angle. I had a set of circuit sport inners and outers in the shop but we had just opened the account with spl parts and I was interested to see how they would stack up and if our customers were really going to see a reason for spending the extra cash on their products.

My expectation was nothing more than a Circuit Sports or Megan racing in quality which I was ok with because that’s what most local drifters are running. I got my set of SPL Parts  V5 outer tie Rods and went with Tein 350Z Inners as SPL recommends. When I opened the box I was surprised to say the least. There really is no comparison. See for yourself.

I took a few pics of the difference for reference. Also we cut the bump stops while we were working on the car. Snapped a pic of that also.

JBtuned 's SPL parts outer tie rod and tein 350z inner setup

This is the Inner and outer tie rods setup before we installed them.

JBtuned Compares  left Circuit Sports  Right Spl Parts

Left – Circuit Sport Right – SPL Parts

JBtuned Comparison

JBtuned Comparison of SPL and CS

Look at quality of construction

This is where you can really see a big difference.

Left – SPL Right – Circuit Sports

SPL Outer Tie Rods Assembled

SPL Outer Tie Rods Assembled

I didn’t take any pictures of the install but I’m sure a quick search will show plenty of how to’s.

I did however grab a picture after we removed the steering bump stops from the lower control arms.

JBtuned at work on the Drift Car

JBtuned with a plasma cutter

I was impressed and I am personally happy with the decision. No issues with the tein inners or spl outers and I recommend these to anyone who is looking for a real quality setup.

Now I admit that I am kind of bashing C.S. here but at the end of the day I know a lot of people use their products and we sell them ourselves all the time. They work great. Not everyone needs Formula D Super strength tie rods and we get that.

The purpose of this post besides talking about our beater is just to really get a good look at what we plan to spend our money on. Its hard to get an idea of quality, size difference, performance gains, and advertisements and product reviews only do part of the job. When we have the opportunity to stack products side by side like this. We will. So we all can make better product decisions.

JBtuned now offering *Still Hood* shift knobs

Still Hood

We are proud to announce that we just received our first shipment of Still Hood weighted shift knobs.

These knob’s are very attention grabbing and work great in the JBtuned Drift 240sx. The specs on these knobs are:

Cut from aluminum. Weight = 11oz (.69lb). Recessed threads for a lower-profile fit over the shifter. Made in USA by import enthusiasts. Ceracoated finish – commonly found on firearms. Available in Frost White or Prison Pink and some have Zombie Green and Teal with more color options in the works

Available thread pitches:
10×1.25 (Nissan/Hyundai/Mitsubishi/Mazda)
10×1.5 (Honda/Acura)
12×1.25 (Toyota/Scion/Subaru)



New in Town

Hello everyone.

Welcome to my Tuner Blog. This is JB and I am working on getting this WordPress all setup and linked up to our JBtuned.com page under Tuner Blog.  This will be a big work in progress for me but I hope I can share a lot of good content in the near future.  The idea is we will cover the different vehicles we have on the Dyno and tuning theory along with new products installs and tricks we learn along the way. Hopefully with lots of pictures and videos.

Stay Tuned while we get this all Setup